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Velderoth and Nova Equips

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powermage22 Level 201 Windia Night Walker 4 See what games, anime & art powermage22 is intopowermage22
Well I did 4 hours of x4.6 drop and I didn't get a single Nova equip and around 20+ heliseum equips which I ended up dropping. Is the drop rate for Nova's really that bad? Cause I did 2 hours of x2.6 drop and managed to get 1 Nova Shoe.

Off Topic: I have a Nova Mage Shoe 24 int 15 m att (clean), I would be willing to trade for a thief one if anyone wants.
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rockboarder Level 108 Demethos Priest
srry but what are nova eqs?
May 12 2013
Alchemy1234 Level 202 Windia Xenon 4
I went 1-2 hours on 3.2x drop and 4 hours on 6.4x drop and didnt get a single nova eqp today.

Edit: only hunted Treglow, and gained around 10 heli eqps
May 12 2013
Alchemy1234 Level 202 Windia Xenon 4
So which boss is the best to hunt those? Victor?[/quote]

Id like to know this too
May 12 2013
Icycles Level 200 Broa F/P Arch Mage
From personal experience, Victor and Treglow both suck
Velderoth dropped 3 Nova shoes in 4 hours of 3.2x for me, so try Velderoth guys.
May 12 2013
puretppc Level 201 Windia Blade Master
@Alchemy1234: I only farmed at Treglow and Velderoth. I farmed at Velderoth during the previous 2x and I got 5 Helsuem equips. I farmed at Treglow previously but got nothing. Victor isn't something I tried but I only killed it once for the quest.

I hear that Velderoth is best but it gets annoying because of the strong attack.
May 12 2013
MyKarma Level 99 Broa Mercedes 3
I ended up buying mines because the drop rate was so damn low...
May 12 2013
christien Level 171 Broa Mercedes 4
I farmed at Velderoth for about 2 hours on 6x drop. I got a Nova Bowman shoe, Nova Thief shoe, and an inventory full of Heliseum equips.
May 12 2013
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