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Which is the best warrior explorer

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Which of the explorer warrior class needs the least funding to do the most dmg and which do u find to be the most fun.
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freezenlight Level 48 Khaini Battle Mage 2
hero's do most damage.
Fun: drk seems most fun to me.
May 13 2013
Smillymage1 Level 182 Broa Hero
I really enjoy heroes for their damage and playstyle but paladins are also quite fun. Only issue i have with pallys is their mobbng capabilities are not high:/.
May 13 2013
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icedemon9 Level 210 Galicia Hayato 4
Dark Knights are not fun trust me.[/quote]

This "fun" you speak of is subjective and varies from person to person. Not everyone likes kaisers and not everyone likes an aran. Nevertheless, drks are bad but to a certain percentage of people, drks are fun in their eyes.
May 13 2013
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icedemon9 Level 210 Galicia Hayato 4
Fun is subjective, when you ask if something is fun you can also expect subjective answers. Such as mine.[/quote]

Yet, it shouldn't be a factor when choosing a class. Then again, I should be saying this to the TS as well since he asked this. We don't know what the TS wants in a class in terms of his definition of what is "fun" for him...
May 13 2013
Eruditez Level 14 Demethos Mercedes 1 Eruditez
My favourite is my Hero. My Paladin is second.
May 13 2013
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