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Which is the best warrior explorer

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May 12 13
Which of the explorer warrior class needs the least funding to do the most dmg and which do u find to be the most fun.
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May 13 13
Khaini Battle Mage 2
hero's do most damage.
Fun: drk seems most fun to me.
May 13 13
Broa Hero
I really enjoy heroes for their damage and playstyle but paladins are also quite fun. Only issue i have with pallys is their mobbng capabilities are not high:/.
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May 13 13
Scania Bishop
Go with Hero, they're strong and fun to play, my favorite out of the 3
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May 13 13
Bellocan Hero
advanced charge hits more targets than raging blow
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May 13 13
Renegades Kaiser 4
Paladin is the most noob friendly. They are much cheaper, and much easier to use than any other warrior.
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May 13 13
Galicia Hayato 4
ReplyTranie: Dark Knights are not fun trust me.

This "fun" you speak of is subjective and varies from person to person. Not everyone likes kaisers and not everyone likes an aran. Nevertheless, drks are bad but to a certain percentage of people, drks are fun in their eyes.
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May 13 13*
Galicia Hayato 4
ReplyTranie: Fun is subjective, when you ask if something is fun you can also expect subjective answers. Such as mine.

Yet, it shouldn't be a factor when choosing a class. Then again, I should be saying this to the TS as well since he asked this. We don't know what the TS wants in a class in terms of his definition of what is "fun" for him...
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May 13 13
DemethosGMS Mercedes 1
My favourite is my Hero. My Paladin is second.
May 13 13
Windia Hero
Hero>Paladin>>>>>>>>Dark Knight in terms of fun for me.
For anyone else, the only way to tell is to play all 3.
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