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May 15 13
Chaos Mercedes 4
So, I've recently been fed up with my recent errors that have been continuously going on. I decided, once and for all, I'm going to make a new account. BAM! That just got ruined...

When I click "Complete Registration", a message pops up saying, "Due to suspicious activity, you are restricted from completing that action. Please contact Customer Support for more information". This pops up, yet I haven't been doing any hacking or anything.
May 15 13
Scania Xenon 1
Sit it down and have a long chat with it, see how it's feeling, and if all goes well you'll be able to make your new account.
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May 15 13
Windia Kaiser 4
Looks like nexon doesnt like you.
May 15 13
Chaos Mercedes 4
Any serious answers?
May 15 13
ElNido Battle Mage 4
IP ban maybe...?
May 16 13
Chaos Mercedes 4
So, how would I be able to make another account?

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