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What are ways to get 100 Critical Rate

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iGotPlayed Level 200 Windia Night Lord
I just noticed I have 85% Crit Rate and I wasn't even trying? Aside from having my Explorer Crit Ring and Phantom link skill, I don't know how I got 85%. Now I wanna know what I can do to get it to a full 100%. Please don't suggest the use of a SE Neb as I use Dojo gloves or MM Character Card cuz I'm not the grinding type and I would much rather spend all day in the FM than power level to 200 a class I have no interest for. Thanks again, Basil!

EDIT: Gah I forgot % gets omitted in titles here. I meant What are ways to get 100% Critical Rate
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JoJoINC Level 200 Broa I/L Arch Mage
get some %critical nebs!
May 17 2013
Marceaux Level 203 Scania Demon Avenger 4
Did you forget hyper skill for crit
May 17 2013
vin30603cent Level 136 Broa Cannoneer 4
you can get crit rate neb
and inner ability to increase crit rate
May 17 2013
Devotchka Level 153 Khaini Blaze Wizard 4
>Doesnt wanna buy nebs
>Doesnt wanna grind for a chars bonuses/character card

u wot m8
May 17 2013
UrHedsOnFire Level 203 Scania Zero Transcendent
looks like potential is your only bet without SE neb or MM character card; wouldn't really need to risk a line that could go for total damage for something as small as an extra 10% in crit rate
May 17 2013
Spirit2roam Level 171 Broa Dark Knight
Other than nebulites, you can try to get a 15% Crit Rate inner potential from Azwan.
May 17 2013
squirrel67 Level 71 Scania Cannoneer 3
azwan inner potential can give you that last 15% crit i believe
May 17 2013
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