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UNlimited Dps chart

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So I would like to know which class will have the highest DPS (not dpm) after unlimited.

Posted: May 2013 Permalink


Yea, besides aren't you people the ones complaining about how's theres lack of content and mini games?[/quote]

What are you talking about?
May 18 2013
Kaisers... the most ridiculously OP things to ever exist in the pixel world.
May 18 2013
goes someone like kaiser(transformed) by a wide margin, wind archer, normal kaiser, marksman, xenon, BaM, and F/p mage
May 18 2013
AckarRed Level 180 Windia Zero Transcendent
What are you talking about? [/quote]

Wrong post. Glitch.
May 18 2013
when will they rerelease making kasiers?
May 18 2013
CaptCandy Level 200 Bera Phantom 4
Kaiser OP (GMS post nerf Kaiser is 1.5 x stronger than KMS)
Then Marksmen

We don't know the nerfs for revamped Cygnus yet, so don't put too much into them yet.
May 18 2013
Probably Kaiser, Xenon and MM's if my memory recalls correctly... I think DB is somewhere up in the top 10's or something like that...
May 18 2013
can someone please explain to me how like heros and F/p mages can be anywhere near the top? I thought they dont have any fast attacking skills like mercedes or like Kaisers, Im so confused on how this even works.
May 18 2013

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