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UNlimited Dps chart

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So I would like to know which class will have the highest DPS (not dpm) after unlimited.

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Yea, besides aren't you people the ones complaining about how's theres lack of content and mini games?[/quote]

What are you talking about?
May 18 2013
Kaisers... the most ridiculously OP things to ever exist in the pixel world.
May 18 2013
goes someone like kaiser(transformed) by a wide margin, wind archer, normal kaiser, marksman, xenon, BaM, and F/p mage
May 18 2013
AckarRed Level 180 Windia Zero Transcendent
What are you talking about? [/quote]

Wrong post. Glitch.
May 18 2013
when will they rerelease making kasiers?
May 18 2013
CaptCandy Level 200 Bera Phantom 4
Kaiser OP (GMS post nerf Kaiser is 1.5 x stronger than KMS)
Then Marksmen

We don't know the nerfs for revamped Cygnus yet, so don't put too much into them yet.
May 18 2013
New Screen: Fafnir DBG - ATK 311
Probably Kaiser, Xenon and MM's if my memory recalls correctly... I think DB is somewhere up in the top 10's or something like that...
May 18 2013
can someone please explain to me how like heros and F/p mages can be anywhere near the top? I thought they dont have any fast attacking skills like mercedes or like Kaisers, Im so confused on how this even works.
May 18 2013

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