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May 18 13
Windia Assassin
Mounts: Chicken (90 days) Chicken (Permanent)
hot air balloon (perm)
Retro Scooter( 90 days)
Frog ( 90 days)
kurenai run a Way ( 90 days)

Mastery books:
Divine Charge 20
Rapid Fire 30
Barricade Mastery 20
Radiant Blast 20
Apocalypse 20
Vanquisher Charm 20
Angel Ray 20
Triple Throw 30
Shadow Shifter 20
Angel Ray 30
Twister Spin 20

Last Welcome Guest Thief Shield
(Luk +3, Wep Def 67)
Phoenix Rising
(Watk 105)
Last Unwelcome Guest Crossbow
(Dex +1, Wep Atk 99, speed +13)
(Dex +6, Wep atk 43, Wep def 5)
Lion heart Battle Axe
(Str 31, Dex 22, Wep Atk140, Acc 99)
Blue Czar
(Int 9, Luk 3, max mp 50, wep def 91, magic def 46)
(Str +4, map mp +41, Wep atk 123,, POT: 5% to freeze LV2, Str +6, Neb Crt Dmg 4 )
Fair Froze
(Wep Atk 97)


Zakum Chair: (expires)
Cake Chair ( Perm)
Polar bear( expires)
Gold Seal Cushion ( expires)
Green Tent(perm)

Might be allot So post what you can please
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New thread Replies
May 18 13
Broa Hero
Whoa, that's like over 4b of items right there O_O
May 18 13
Windia Demon Slayer 4
The lion heart battle axe is worth maybe 30mil max. On another note does anyone know if i should buy a loveless allagrando for 90mil?
May 18 13
Broa Night Lord
TT 30? isnt it Quad throw?
May 18 13
Windia Assassin
i got TT 30 xDDDD maybe im late xD
May 21 13
Windia Assassin
lol i know xDD im just being amused xDDDD
any prices? or help?

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