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Range to solo V2?

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I know it's possible to solo v2 on Marksman, judging from @SniperOfLove's video, but does anyone have the specifics? Would I also need a lot of status resistance(from Willpower), or anything of that sort?
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airforce1 Level 202 Zenith Bow Master
You will absolutely need a lot of status resist. It's really the only reason I don't consistently solo them on my BM. You must have max willpower, SL, and a status resist pot if you are attempting without a potion pot.
May 20 2013
@Markers: yep.[/quote]

Btw you meant 500k on empress right? Not just 500k on mobs?
May 21 2013
airforce1 Level 202 Zenith Bow Master
@Markers SL = Spirit Link
@SniperofLove You used a potion pot and have much higher avoid than most archers. Most of us need a resist pot or we risk being tornado locked.
@bellhyper741 No, % boss does not affect summons. It only affects Empress herself. You can only get status resist from 3 sources: skills (SL), willpower, and resist potion. Combined, these give a maximum 65% status resist.

Edit: I forgot DS card so add another 3/4% resist.
May 21 2013

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