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Range to solo V2?

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I know it's possible to solo v2 on Marksman, judging from @SniperOfLove's video, but does anyone have the specifics? Would I also need a lot of status resistance(from Willpower), or anything of that sort?
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airforce1 Level 202 Zenith Bow Master
You will absolutely need a lot of status resist. It's really the only reason I don't consistently solo them on my BM. You must have max willpower, SL, and a status resist pot if you are attempting without a potion pot.
May 20 2013
SniperofLove Level 200 Scania Marksman
i got max will power and SL , never used a resistance potion. i would say if you do 500k's a line try it out, see how far you get.
May 20 2013
bellhyper741 Level 197 Bera Marksman
how do you get high status resistance? also does boss% dmg affect v2 and her minions?
May 20 2013
@Markers: yep.[/quote]

Btw you meant 500k on empress right? Not just 500k on mobs?
May 21 2013
xkillo32 Level 166 Windia Blade Master
and that is?
im curious to know
May 21 2013
airforce1 Level 202 Zenith Bow Master
@Markers SL = Spirit Link
@SniperofLove You used a potion pot and have much higher avoid than most archers. Most of us need a resist pot or we risk being tornado locked.
@bellhyper741 No, % boss does not affect summons. It only affects Empress herself. You can only get status resist from 3 sources: skills (SL), willpower, and resist potion. Combined, these give a maximum 65% status resist.

Edit: I forgot DS card so add another 3/4% resist.
May 21 2013

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