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Anyone Db with full fafnir and tyrant set?

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Zephorax Level 210 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Where is your Fafnir Katara? He said full set, and you seem to be using a Moonshadow Katara I know the Fafnir Katara doesnt count towards the set effect, but it is still part of the set.[/quote]

jealousy at its best
May 22 2013
@OneRockGod: Where did you read I had full set? Cause I sure wasn't the one to say I did. Buying the katara is useless and even if I come back I don't plan on buying it, even if it was worth only 1b.[/quote]

how much mesos/dollars all of your gear worth?
May 22 2013
Toscox Level 179 Khaini Angelic Buster 4
@OneRockGod: No, you're just assuming, I said hi to the person who said to please come here and nothing else.

@Taqa: I honestly have no idea, I didn't plan on selling it yet since I might come back.
May 22 2013
Demon671 Level 121 Khaini Night Lord
It is but at a heafty price when a 150 jap katara is nearly on par with the 8 slots. It does have a fair bit less Luk into it though
Fafnir is the best, just not easily[/quote]
with the extra slot from the jap katara it would only be below 2 att from the fafnir when scrolled with 9 att's which isn't too big of deal. 2 att throughout even with EE's so I would assume Jap kat would be the best bang for buck .

@OmgItsMazz: only best by 2 att sadly doesn't seem like it would be worth the meso other than looks.

EDIT: Further with 10 att scrolls it would actually decrease the gap between them by 1 att.
May 22 2013
OmgItsMazz Level 214 Elnido Blade Master
@lolimshort: True, forgot about the Sengoku Katara
May 22 2013
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