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How much is 26 att thief gloves

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samueld9810 Level 148 Scania Bishop
Epic pot 3 lines (crap) and 4% nebbed. Im buying
Posted: May 2013 Permalink
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Yellownese Level 159 Scania Blade Master
type of gloves?
May 23 2013
samueld9810 Level 148 Scania Bishop
Oh sorry empress
May 23 2013
xlGunShotlx Level 203 Reboot Phantom 4
Oh sorry empress[/quote]
he doesn't know anything, don't listen to him.
May 23 2013
I dont know prices but I would buy them between 350-500mil max
May 23 2013
austinem56 Level 180 Khaini Aran 4
max mesos
LOL at the troll ^^350-500m
May 24 2013

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