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How much is 26 att thief gloves

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samueld9810 Level 148 Scania Bishop
Epic pot 3 lines (crap) and 4% nebbed. Im buying
Posted: May 2013 Permalink


Yellownese Level 159 Scania Blade Master
type of gloves?
May 23 2013
samueld9810 Level 148 Scania Bishop
Oh sorry empress
May 23 2013
xlGunShotlx Level 203 Reboot Phantom 4
Oh sorry empress[/quote]
he doesn't know anything, don't listen to him.
May 23 2013
I dont know prices but I would buy them between 350-500mil max
May 23 2013
austinem56 Level 180 Khaini Aran 4
max mesos
LOL at the troll ^^350-500m
May 24 2013

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