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Special Potential Scroll Service

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May 24 13
Broa Blade Master
So seeing as Nexon screwed me over with their Silent Crusade Mystery Mastery Book on my Dual Blader, instead of giving me a proper book I actually need it gives me this crap.

Anyway long story short, if anyone would like this service in BROA just PM me or something like that and if possible, give a estimate price of a collateral.

Since advance pots are around the 10 mil mark (if I'm not mistaken?), i'll just sell the 100% special pot for 10 mil as well.

NB: I wanna get rid of this ugly looking scroll, please help D:
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May 24 13
Scania Noblesse
throw it out
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May 24 13
Bera Night Lord
It will give a 100% potential scroll if the few skills available for books are all maxed.
May 24 13
Broa Blade Master
starkill95 I had no skills maxed, it was an issue of Nexon.

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