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So I got a permanent black bean balloon mount

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lordpentt Level 200 Bellocan Paladin
and it seems pretty boring. Is there anything special about it or should I keep using the dragonoir one?
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Tweety Level 121 Bera Beginner
I rather have that, than the pink chair ._. ....
May 25 2013
xLimpy Level 188 Scania F/P Arch Mage
You just use is for fun every now and then...
May 25 2013
Anyone know if it is capable of using the soaring skill?
May 25 2013
silkym39 Level 165 Bera Wind Archer 4
I rather have that, than the pink chair ._. ....[/quote]

This. I got another pink bean chair.
May 25 2013
VitalKnight Level 203 Broa Demon Slayer 4
Dont Like It? Drop It
It CANT Soar =l
May 25 2013
TheTrickst3r Level 170 Scania Blade Master
I got ANOTHER pink bean chair. darn
May 25 2013
okaythen Level 128 Nova Angelic Buster 4
@minty: It can't soar. It's just a normal mount. 170% speed btw.
May 25 2013
nikoqee Level 208 Bera Blade Master
I got black bean chair
May 25 2013
dracox5234 Level 202 Bera Demon Slayer 4
I got a black pb cahir on one char
and a pink bean mount on my ds
May 25 2013
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