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Price check poop teapot run

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edin123edin Level 137 Broa Phantom 4
So disappointed well.. here they are. a price would be appreciated. thanks all.

2 Mercury Swords
Red Fist of Fury
3 Sunset Seraphim
Sharktooth Wild Talon
Conqueror's Ring
Galactic Legend
Flame Tongue
Bloody Ruby Sabre
Royal Oaken Staff
Mysterious Power Elixir Chair
Refreshing Blue Potion Chair
Starry Night Chair
Posted: May 2013 Permalink


edin123edin Level 137 Broa Phantom 4
Lol how much bud?
May 30 2013
PermaGypsy Level 31 Broa Wild Hunter 2
I wish I could tell ya :l
May 30 2013
edin123edin Level 137 Broa Phantom 4
Darn.. thanks for the input though
May 30 2013
WireWorks Level 208 Windia Angelic Buster 4
So not much in these teapots besides chairs. Good to know.
May 30 2013
edin123edin Level 137 Broa Phantom 4
So if there was a price tag on these fake nx items, the one empress weapon, and the chairs, what would it be? I know I got teapwned.. but I need to know how much to sell the poop for lol
May 30 2013
claymore476 Level 195 Mardia Demon Slayer 4
The fake nx is about 1-20 mil depending on your buyer the emp claw is about 80-150 mil in my server and the chairs will deflate too about 100-250 mil each so sell them fast
May 30 2013
edin123edin Level 137 Broa Phantom 4
Damn what a really bad run..
May 30 2013
Power elixir chairs are about 150-300mil atm but i just sold mine for 100mil ea since I had 7 of them ( out of 13 tea pots mind you) and I sold them within 3 minutes. They will drop FAST though so hurry up.
May 30 2013

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