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p/c on Fafnir Mystletaine

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yo yo, flippity flow
I bought 16 teapots and got some cool lookin' junk and stuff but i also managed to score a Fafnir Mystletaine! The stats on it are; +40 STR/DEX 164 WA +123 accuracy. The server i am in is Windia.
lyingleoxGatzu - Level 160 Dawn Warrior 4
Posted: May


Dammit why arent you in Broa

Also, person above me is right.
DaydriverDaydriver - Level 205 Paladin
May 31 2013
if i could send you it, i would
thanks for the input guys
lyingleoxGatzu - Level 160 Dawn Warrior 4
May 31 2013

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