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Should I perfect this claw?

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Its the blue fist of fury from the Teapots =o Normally the AVG attack is 64 attack but mine was clean with 69 attack (lol...) So I was planning on scrolling it with 20% 8th scrolls that give +3 all and +5 wep attack ending it with 104 attack unhammered cause I'm gonna slate slots I dont get back, I figured this would be a good idea since it has more attack then a VIP claw with a lower level requirement and I could also add pot onto it, It wont be a large amount of money since I have a surplus on aniversarry coins on multiple characters and leaves so I could continously use clean slate mules to slate it, would this be a decent/good end result claw tho and is it worth it?
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what lvl is that claw?
it's good to scroll, if you don't plan on getting empress set or have better top/bottom. It could definitly become endgame with a good potential.[/quote]

Its a level 123 claw
May 31 2013
Balmung Level 128 Elnido Blade Master
Very good idea those are tradeable so if you ever wanna upgrade you can just sell for massive profit. No scissors, no hassles.
May 31 2013
Saepan Level 200 Broa Battle Mage 4
Omg i would love a perfected claw like that! Definitely scroll it
May 31 2013

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