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Jolly Roger 20 mastery book broken?

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So I bought a JollyRoger20 and tried to use it but it says I can't use that mastery book. Then I read the description and it says it works for Majestic presence for Jett. So... what do I do now? Do I have to get a Majestic Presence 20 book for a Jett to up my Jolly Roger? Have I been trolled by nexon? Do I just sit in the corner and cry with my lvl 10 Jolly Roger?
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WhyUNoFun Level 208 Scania Evan 10th Growth
loL, ss the book for us to see
Jun 01 2013
FluffyXbow Level 128 Windia Dawn Warrior 4
Nexon just screwed you over. They're probably going to do nothing for a while. Sadly, I think you have to just wait for more people to have this problem and complain.
Jun 01 2013
New Screen: Something happened

You're a Corsair, and you're trying to use a Jett mastery book?

I'd try looking for a new Jolly Roger mastery book if I were you. I think they have an unglitched version of the mastery book for Corsairs.

[Mastery Book] Jolly Roger 20
70% chance of increasing the Master Level of Majestic Presence to 20.
Job: Jett
Condition: Skill Level 5+

I have no words for this.[/quote]

Ya, haha. I bought the book in haste because it was cheap. Jett's don't even have a skill called Jolly Roger, theirs is called Relentless, so even then I thought it would be ok after I read the description. I haven't seen a real Jolly Roger in the fm, but I will continue searching. Nexon has rused me again!
Jun 02 2013
FluffyXbow Level 128 Windia Dawn Warrior 4
Only question I have is, what the heck DID you buy?
Jun 02 2013
um haha, i guess it is a majestic presence 20 for jett? not really sure
Jun 02 2013
Jetts don't have a majestic presence skill.
Where did you get that?
Jun 03 2013
There are no words to describe that book. Just try to find another book and send a ticket to Nexon and see if they can do something about it. I wonder what would happen if a Sair with level 5 Majestic Presence and Jolly Rodger used that book.
Jun 03 2013
New Screen: My weird key setup
@ChoasCyber Oh, they don't. Well then that is also misleading! I bought this book in the fm. I assume it was from a recent mmb run.
@MyGunner Ya that would be interesting to see if it worked on a lvl 5 Majestic Presence. Ill send a ticket to nexon, but I hope they can answer my other tickets first -_-
Jun 04 2013

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