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Jolly Roger 20 mastery book broken?

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So I bought a JollyRoger20 and tried to use it but it says I can't use that mastery book. Then I read the description and it says it works for Majestic presence for Jett. So... what do I do now? Do I have to get a Majestic Presence 20 book for a Jett to up my Jolly Roger? Have I been trolled by nexon? Do I just sit in the corner and cry with my lvl 10 Jolly Roger?
Posted: June 2013 Permalink


WhyUNoFun Level 208 Scania Evan 10th Growth
loL, ss the book for us to see
Jun 01 2013
this is my trying to use it, lvl 10 jolly roger shown as well
[url=]try this[/url]
Jun 01 2013
FluffyXbow Level 128 Windia Dawn Warrior 4
Nexon just screwed you over. They're probably going to do nothing for a while. Sadly, I think you have to just wait for more people to have this problem and complain.
Jun 01 2013

You're a Corsair, and you're trying to use a Jett mastery book?

I'd try looking for a new Jolly Roger mastery book if I were you. I think they have an unglitched version of the mastery book for Corsairs.

[Mastery Book] Jolly Roger 20
70% chance of increasing the Master Level of Majestic Presence to 20.
Job: Jett
Condition: Skill Level 5+

I have no words for this.[/quote]

Ya, haha. I bought the book in haste because it was cheap. Jett's don't even have a skill called Jolly Roger, theirs is called Relentless, so even then I thought it would be ok after I read the description. I haven't seen a real Jolly Roger in the fm, but I will continue searching. Nexon has rused me again!
Jun 02 2013
FluffyXbow Level 128 Windia Dawn Warrior 4
Only question I have is, what the heck DID you buy?
Jun 02 2013
um haha, i guess it is a majestic presence 20 for jett? not really sure
Jun 02 2013
Jetts don't have a majestic presence skill.
Where did you get that?
Jun 03 2013
There are no words to describe that book. Just try to find another book and send a ticket to Nexon and see if they can do something about it. I wonder what would happen if a Sair with level 5 Majestic Presence and Jolly Rodger used that book.
Jun 03 2013
@ChoasCyber Oh, they don't. Well then that is also misleading! I bought this book in the fm. I assume it was from a recent mmb run.
@MyGunner Ya that would be interesting to see if it worked on a lvl 5 Majestic Presence. Ill send a ticket to nexon, but I hope they can answer my other tickets first -_-
Jun 04 2013

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