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Dimension Gloves

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P/c? Got them for 20m and I'm guessing I got really lucky?
JekutoNightraVennott - Level 124
Posted: June


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Normal price.
DemonDausuDausu - Level 172
Jun 03 2013
That's average.
Tertlelncubate - Level 82 Scania
Jun 03 2013
Arent those worth nothing because they're really easy to get?
Jun 03 2013

you are very lucky.....
yeyoflx2hobonius - Level 125
Jun 03 2013
if they are the normal ones then thats about the price (in scania idk about windia)
Yagooarshnitzel007 - Level 80 Scania
Jun 03 2013
Not really. It's very easy to join the Party Quest with out friends and gain pieces from the box.
They're untradeable forever after equip, no exceptions (not even SoK/PSoK). That's average price. HQ's have double the ATK/MATK though.
TehResistingPrornoted - Level 75
Jun 03 2013
The person who sold the gloves were indeed very lucky.
rsbob1996Kaiserbaijan - Level 72
Jun 03 2013
Sounds like your only hope is to sell for 21m
TheseWallsShadowzSpeed - Level 163
Jun 03 2013
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