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Jun 03 13
Windia Blade Master
P/c? Got them for 20m and I'm guessing I got really lucky?
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Jun 03 13
Scania Marksman
No you didn't
MapleStory Screen: Sweetwtr Tattoo - ATK 16
Jun 03 13
Windia Hero
Normal price.
Maple Story: That moment when you're woken up by a spider crawl...
Jun 03 13
Broa Wild Hunter 2
MapleStory Screen: Monster Life coming to GMS? MapleStory Video: Revamped bowmaster doing azwan
Jun 03 13
Scania I/L Arch Mage
That's average.
MapleStory Screen: Fafnir Broniak - ATK 347
Jun 03 13
Nova Buccaneer
Arent those worth nothing because they're really easy to get?
MapleStory Screen: Final toss
Jun 03 13
Broa Aran 4

you are very lucky.....
Jun 03 13
Scania Buccaneer
if they are the normal ones then thats about the price (in scania idk about windia)
Jun 03 13
Broa Mechanic 4
Not really. It's very easy to join the Party Quest with out friends and gain pieces from the box.
They're untradeable forever after equip, no exceptions (not even SoK/PSoK). That's average price. HQ's have double the ATK/MATK though.
Jun 03 13
Galicia Buccaneer
The person who sold the gloves were indeed very lucky.
MapleStory Screen: Pink bean drawing (on my computer)
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