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Red update? db

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FrostEien Level 170 Arcania Blade Master
Does anyone know anything yet about what changes DBs will be getting for the red patch?

And is red coming after unlimited?
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Currently, no news about the DB revamp has been announced.
Yes. Red is after Unlimited.
Jun 04 2013
kiue Level 200 Scania Night Lord
@GunPowder : We aren't that off from KMS. If we just do the Important updates, we can catch up in just 3-6months. The reason why Unlimited didn't come is because GMS seems to be stalling, saving all the good contents for the Summer. When it is summer, more little kids are out there to drag into the game and make money off them.
Jun 04 2013
actually Red is after Cygnus Return Part 3 and Job Rebalancing Part 2[/quote]
Oh. My bad. I misinterpreted that statement. Cause I was thinking, since those revamps were after Unlimited. Red is technically "after" Unlimited. Get what I'm saying? . Thanks for the correction though.~
Jun 04 2013
FamilyOuting Level 127 Galicia Kaiser 4
Thieves are always last to get updates so it might take a while.
Jun 04 2013
Thieves are always last to get updates so it might take a while.[/quote]

aren't pirates always last/ignored?
Jun 04 2013
DxidunnoxD Level 211 Broa Blade Master
aren't pirates always last/ignored?[/quote]

This lol
Jun 04 2013
iGooglespace Level 190 Bera Mechanic 4
for the love of all that is holy symbol please take away shadow meld >.<
Jun 04 2013
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