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Jun 05 13
Broa Blaze Wizard 4
When will this patch come to GMS? I've been 197 on my Marksman for like several months (Before the bandwagon). Maybe I'll have motivation to train it now LOL.
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Jun 05 13
DemethosGMS Hayato 4
Pandas Guild
Who would know?
How would we know?
What do you think?
Where are the facts?
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Jun 05 13
good thing you included that you made it before the bandwagon, because i was going to make fun of you for bandwagonning.

6-8 months from when its released in kms.
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Jun 05 13
Bera I/L Arch Mage
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Jun 05 13
Scania Wind Archer 4
Reconcile Guild
ur lik so hipstar cuz u didt wagonband lik ohmge
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Jun 05 13
Bellocan Marksman
Enlighten Guild
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Jun 05 13
LOL hi
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Jun 05 13
Bera Marksman
probably the big winter update for gms like tempest i say red should be released around december
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Jun 06 13
I would say next summer, so about one year?
Jun 06 13
Scania Mihile 4
its coming soon super soon you know especially since it was just annouced for korea like a few weeks ago
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