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Questions regarding 150 set
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Jun 12 13
Chaos Night Walker 3
1) Currently, Fafnir set is the superior 150 set right? I'm looking at Fafnir and Amaterasu mace... Fafnir is 164 ATK while Amaterasu is 150...

So currently, Fafnir (correct me if I'm wrong), is superior?.. On 2 the next question:

2) Their gonna buff the Fafnir set in that the Weapon will have +40% boss damage right? Thus, we can then stack 6 Empress and 1 Fafnir Weapon for +70% boss damage?

So basically, they took the Fafnir set which was already OP and made it even more OP. With that, you can hit over 100% boss damage w/o any pot. 6 Empress, 1 Fafnir Weapon, DS/DA Link skills

3) So .. if they made something already OP more OP, they should've also at least buff the weaker 150 set also right? Is there any news of them buffing the other 150 set?

Is there actually any reason for me (I'm a DS) to get the Amaterasu mace?.. It seems inferior now and even more inferior later on.
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Jun 12 13
Scania Mechanic 4
Source please? Never heard this information before lol
Jun 12 13
Scania Blade Master
fafnir set atm is +30% boss for all 4 equipped
you wont be able to get emp set and fafnir set at the same time
also source please on the fafnir buff?
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Jun 12 13
Bera Cannoneer 4
how do you even get the frafnir or japanese set
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Jun 12 13
Bera Demon Slayer 1
No confirmation on Fafnir weapons getting the boss damage added.
Yes Fafnir is superior.
Pretty sure KMS doesn't have Sengoku gear so most likely that set won't get touched. Pretty sure the only reason Fafnir had boss damage on weapons is because you have to kill the strongest of bosses in the game to get the armor for a set.
Jun 12 13
Chaos Night Walker 3
Jun 12 13
Bera Demon Slayer 1
sammyooba: http://www.basilmarket.com/forum/2594324/0/Level_150_Set_Nerfed.html

Has nothing to do with this topic. Not sure what point you're trying to make
Jun 12 13
Bera Demon Slayer 4
Lol u cant wear empress together and RA set with tyrant beats it, DA link skill doesnt add boss damage but Total Dmg
Jun 12 13
Zenith Mercedes 4
Yea cuz empress involves the overall and hat. Root abyss set is better. It's 4 equips with like +50 all stat 50 magic attk/ weapon attk, 30% boos damage. Take your pick. 3 tyrants+ RA is gunna be way better. The RA set alone is better than the empress set.
Jun 12 13
Chaos Night Walker 3
? I wasn't trying to make a point. I'm asking if the Jap set is even worth considering and if any1 knows if the Jap set will receive a buff as well.

The link I included above was the source for the Fafnir buff which you asked for? And you're all like, "wtf has nothing 2 do with this" lmao
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