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Jun 13 13
So i just burned my arans pole arm and decided to create a new char. What would be the best job for bossing with about 1b funding?
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Jun 13 13
Bera Buccaneer
err thats a low amount of funds maybe kaiser
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Jun 13 13*
Bera Dark Knight
Aran prolly or wait for new job
Kaiser sucks w/o good fundings
Jun 13 13
Jun 13 13
Kaiser hands down
Jun 13 13
Broa Bishop
Nimbus Guild
As much as I hate to admit, Kaiser...
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Jun 13 13
Bera Kaiser 4
Look at me.
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Jun 13 13
Well i burned my wgs attack who cost me 200m and after that some gloves of 100m. I want to quit my bowmaster. But i stood up
Jun 13 13*
Bellocan Xenon 4
At the moment dual blade has the highest DPS output probably but is also sorta expensive depending how you look at it
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Jun 13 13
Most likely either Kaiser or demon slayer, but if needed probably demon avenger when it came out since you only affording 1bil fund not a lot. 2 handed sword empress cost about a bil already so that initially took your 1bil fund and just only 1 set will not increase the difference. Anyway it is your choice to choose which job.
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