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Kaiser post Unleashed

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Are Kaiser's still going to be one of the top 3 characters in terms of DPS and DPM post unleashed? What is the DPS ranking of Xenon and Demon Avenger?
Also I was curious if Kaiser was the best character in terms of mobbing. All comments are welcomed (:
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lazershock Level 207 Bera Dark Knight
Yup, Kaiser doesn't have anything to contend with % / second wise until RED, when hero reaches somewhere around 22k / second (I think thats just barely above kaiser)
Jun 16 2013
err, your skills don't get changed at all[/quote]

The damage cap being raised to 50m is a big impact on a class' potential.

Classes that cap easy pre-Unleashed (like Evans and Shads) were low on the DPS chart because they have big skill%, but low amount of possible damage per second.
With the 50m cap, it is no longer about how many lines your skill hits per second, but rather how much raw damage you do.

Think of a Xenon with the 1m dmg cap. He would be WAY lower on the chart than he is now. His attacks are slow. He is like Cannon Shooter. Big damage, but slow hits.

Kaiser does not cap easily since his main attack is only 200% and has no passive %total damage skills.
Heros and Evans both have over 100% in %Total Damage skills, and both of their main attacks are over 200% damage. They both cap easy. They were hindered by the 1m damage cap. After Unleashed, they get a huge dps boost.

To put it simply, classes like Hero, Evan, and Shadower all have the potential to hit 50m. Classes like DB, Phantom (stolen skills excluded), BM, Merc, WH, and Kaiser do not (excluding Hyper Skills). Rapid Firing classes and classes with a lot of damage lines per skill use (like DB and Kasier) dont get as much out of a raised damage cap as classes that have a high skill%.
Jun 16 2013
4kush20 Level 174 Scania Bishop
It's just going to make me sad, seeing people hit so much higher when i can't even hit the cap now
Jun 16 2013
Urgh i hate it when people choose a class off of this 'DPS Chart'...
Jun 16 2013
suomirox123 Level 167 KradiaEMS Shadower
Rapid Firing classes and classes with a lot of damage lines per skill use (like DB and Kasier) dont get as much out of a raised damage cap as classes that have a high skill%.[/quote]

In EMS the range cap is purely visual, meaning that every class has the possibility to hit the 50m cap. Though, I'm not sure if the same thing will be in GMS Unleashed.
Jun 16 2013
@suomirox123: I'm aware it's only visual. It's like that for GMS (and every server I think). Let's do the math:

50,000,000 is the cap.
Since we are talking about rapid firing classes instead of the heavy hitters, we use a rapid fire skill% as an example.
Rapid fire skills generally have around 150% skill% so let's use 150% as my example.
Let's use your thinking and say the player really has a 10m range.
10m range x 150% = 15m
So with a skill that does 150% damage, and with a 10m range, the max the player will do is 15m per line.
Let's add in the fact that since he is funded enough to have a 10m range, he has like 300% damage in Total Damage and Boss Damage combined.
300% x 15m = 45m.
That's still 5m shy, and I'm pretty dam sure that there is absolutely no way a person can have anywhere near a 10m range. Especially not without Additional Options, or MEEs. It's hard enough for most people to achieve a 1m range. How do you expect them to achieve something literally 10x as difficult? And then getting +300% total damage?
You would need the Top 1 Dojo gloves (40% Boss + 25% total damage = +65%), like 100% Boss on each weapon, and a 30% Boss set effect. Getting 300% boss is a ton easier than obtaining a 10m range.

The only reason the Xenon could do it is because Xenons had a ton of passive %Total Damage skills and Snipe did 450% damage.

Notice how all the classes with high skill%s also have a ton of passive %Total Damage, and how rapid fire classes dont have much, if any.
Jun 16 2013
Kaiser is still top DPS post unlimited but not post RED which I wont state which class will overpower it because last thing I want is a flame war
Jun 16 2013
PitchBlack0 Level 199 Bera Paladin
@selithiel just saying no rapid fire class has such a weak hurricane variant excluding mercs. The others all have 260% or higher so idk where you got the 150% estimate from.
Jun 16 2013
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