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Jun 20 13
Bera Evan 10th Growth
So, I realized that I'm going to need somewhere new to train for 100-160.

I hear that evo lab is really good, but I am completely confused about it.
I went to try it yesterday, but I'm so confused because there were so many portals and such @_@.

Can someone briefly explain it for me? Where should my NL go at level 149?
MapleStory Screen: Noob hunting in ereve
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Jun 20 13
Broa Mihile 4
Evo Lab
Jun 20 13
Khaini Blade Master
Link 3 is the place you wanna be, it's the 2nd to left portal in the first map. Level cores and exp cores do well too!
Jun 20 13*
Chaos Mercedes 4
149? Go to Dimensional Invasion
I see evo system as a way to get 100-140
Dimensional from 140-160
Evo 160-165
More Evo/Dimensional (SH Got boring)
Waste Your Life
Evo Lab is a place where you basically farm exp, cores to do cyngus knight/ shadow empress boss runs/farm crafting stuff or armors and weps
Step 1 Start Boring Movie
Step 2 Skip Boring Movie
Step 3 Go TO Dimensional Portal and click Evo System
Step 4 talk to ghost
Step 5 obey him like a slave
Step 6 do his quests and when you're done you should be allowed to freely enter 5 times a day
Step 7 Go to the very far right and talk to the machine coin thing and buy population +30%
Step 8 Go to Link 3 And Stand in the middle and spam a mobbing skill
Step 9 ?
Step 10 Level up
Jun 20 13
Galicia Blade Master
Go to the link 3 portal with the mushrooms and stand in the middle where the generator is. Spam mob skill and watch the exp pile up. Also be sure to pick up the cores(mostly the pink ones) since you can get 20x monster hp,100% monster spawn which greatly increases exp gained.
Jun 20 13
Windia Blade Master
Go to this link 3 place.
Make sure you use the following cores before entering:
30% spawn core
10 monster level core
some HP core
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Jun 20 13
Bera Evan 10th Growth
Ok... So I can buy these cores from the guy?
MapleStory Screen: Noob hunting in ereve
Jun 20 13
Windia Xenon 4
Since it's release, Evo has always been substantially better than LHC anyway. People are really snoozing on it. Evo is by far the best exp for 100-200. I can't comment on over 200 considering I haven't a clue how good any of the 200+ content is yet >.>
Jun 20 13
Broa Bishop
Evolution lab is a set of maps, with the same monsters.
In link 3 there are always flying monsters, and in Link 5 there is a unique monster amoung regular monsters, and so on.

Whenever you go there, you get to pick what Cores to use.
Cores change things about the Set of maps, like population, drop rate, and the drops.
You can use no cores at all, and then you get generic monsters, with a set amount of EXP.

And you can use cores to change different things about the monsters, like their Level, their HP, their EXP, their drop rate, what they will drop, and how they will look.

Some cores you can buy outside of the evolution world.
Some cores are only dropped from monsters WITHIN the evolution world.
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Jun 20 13
Renegades Luminous 4
I'll be there too untill 165 i guess
Anyone can tell me the % in 30 minuts?
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