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Jun 21 13
Broa Evan 10th Growth
Now that the previously best training areas like jesters, aliens, and lion heart/king castle have been nerfed, what are the new best areas to train at? I know spieglettes extreme monster park is probably the best for levels 40-100, but what about after?
Jun 21 13
Bera Mihile 4
Mpe is closed for renovations.
Jun 21 13
Zenith Aran 4
Jun 21 13
Broa Evan 10th Growth
Thanks that kinda helped. Any other suggestions, mainly from training from 100-160?
This update was useful except for the demoralizing nerfing of all the previously best training areas. Leveling up faster than before was a good thing and made it more motivating for players to train and level up. Now it's too much of a chore like the old days...

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