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Cooking With Tangyoon A Guide

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Cooking With Tangyoon is a new Party Quest that was added in v.137, Unleashed. Its level requirements are 60 to 90 with a time limit of 30 minutes. Personally, it takes me anywhere from 15-20 minutes to complete solo. You may only do this Party Quest 10 times a day. You can solo this Party Quest, but also have up to two more people join you.

Party Quest

The PQ starts off in a room with a giant pot. A pop-up will show you the meal that is currently being cooked and the choices of monsters you can "cook." Each dish requires different monsters. Pick the wrong monster, and you ruin the dish (You are still able to continue throughout the PQ, but you will fight the Trash Can boss). You will only gain one Chef Certificate.

There are a total of FIVE rounds with five choices of monsters and one round of salt adding (more information below). Each round (aside from salt round) consists of 15 waves of 10 monsters each (150 monsters). Each round lasts just a bit past 3 minutes. During round 4, FIVE Tasteburners will spawn on the bottom floor. You must kill these ASAP as they will ruin your dish if they're left alive for too long.

I would suggest AFK'ing for about 2 minutes and coming back and killing them all. Monsters of each round will continue to spawn, regardless if you kill the first wave or not. However, you must defeat all monsters to move to the next round.

Every round will have the same five monsters of choice:
Round 1: Jellyfish, Blue Mushroom, Fatty Snail, Slime, Ribbon Pig

Round 2: Knife Noodle, Red Snail, Cool Jellyfish, Chunky Pig, Cube Slime

Round 3: Mushmom, Fire Boar, Cherry Bubble Tea, Sr. Bellflower Root, Orange Mushroom

Round 4: Bellflower Root, Ice Piece, Wine Bottle, Nependeath, Snowman

Round 5: Potted Sprout, Bubble Fish, Octopus, Syrup Baron, Potted Morning Glory

Round 6: Salt round. You are given a pop-up and you must press stop when the salt shaker puts # [i](Anywhere from 1 to 10)[/i] dashes of salt into the pot (Getting the right amount of dashes will give you a Weapon/Magic ATT +10 Buff for 20 minutes). Salt will NOT affect the outcome of the dish. It is purely for a buff.

Boss: Either Trash Can or Mr. Chomps will spawn (Depending if you had a perfect dish or not).
Trash Can: Weapon/Magic ATT Cancels
Mr. Chomps: Buff where only critical hits will land


These dishes include the monsters needed for a "perfect dish" in order of their round.'
Monsters from one dish will never be used in another dish.
You know you're doing it correctly if you get this message: [i]"'*DISH*' will take *MONSTER*. You can look forward to some great cuisine."[/i]
If you failed a dish you'll get: [i]"'*DISH*' will take *MONSTER*. This pot is giving off a funky stench."[/i]

Escargot: Chunky Snail, Red Snail, Orange Mushroom, Wine Bottle, Potted Sprout

Cold Jellyfish: Jellyfish, Cool Jellyfish, Sr. Bellflower Root, Ice Piece, Potted Morning Glory

Fried Pork (AKA: Stir-Fried Pork): Ribbon Pig, Chunky Pig, Fire Boar, Nependeath, Octopus

Slime Pudding: Slime, Cube Slime, Cherry Bubble Tea, Snowman, Syrup Baron

Chopped Noodle with Mushroom (AKA: Mushroom Chow Fun): Blue Mushroom, Knife Noodle, Mushmom, Bellflower Root, Bubble Fish


- A good amount of exp is given when you complete the PQ (Almost 2x exp of a failed dish if you create a perfect dish). Monsters inside the PQ itself have horrible exp (aside from mini-bosses and taste-burners)
- Failed Dish: 1 Chef Certificate
- Perfect Dish: 2 Chef Certificates

By Purchase:
- Tangyoon's Chef Outfit (3 Chef Certificates): Level: 70, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +5, Weapon/Magic DEF +90, Upgrade slots (unhammered): 10
- Tangyoon's Chef Hat (5 Chef Certificates): Level: 80, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +12, Weapon/Magic DEF +80, Upgrade slots (unhammered): 7
(2 Set Bonus: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +15, Weapon/Magic ATT +8, MaxHP/MP +500)

- Good Cook Medal: Weapon/Magic ATT +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +15 (Cook 3 Perfect Dishes)

Me - Basically everything in this guide. (Took a while to complete)
Nexon - Update notes had the stats for the chef outfit.
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Skaia Level 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4
Jun 22 2013
If you wanted to, yes. Takes a good amount of pots.
Jun 22 2013
yOU CAN SOLO IT?/?[/quote]

Jun 22 2013
Dexter981 Level 90 Nova Mechanic 3
LOL YAY *level 90*
Jun 22 2013
Skaia Level 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4
god it takes so long
do you have to kill them every round or can you wail till round 5 and kill them all
Jun 22 2013
god it takes so long
do you have to kill them every round or can you wail till round 5 and kill them all[/quote]

I know that monsters will spawn regardless if you kill the wave before, but I am unsure if the next round will pop up if you don't kill the previous monsters. I will be looking into this.

Edit: I can confirm that you must kill all monsters prior to the round to be able to go onto the next round.
Jun 22 2013
Skaia Level 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4
@Aeonnen: Thank you
Jun 22 2013
triiggerhappy Level 173 Bellocan Corsair
So is this a good spot for lvls 60-90 now with the nerf training areas or is training still faster than this?
Jun 24 2013
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