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Jun 22 13
Scania Beast Tamer Cat
This guide will be updated past Unleashed.
v141: Cygnus Awakening
v142: Dawnveil: Demons Of Tynerum

Bolded indicates recommended Training Areas

Training Areas, Full Version
1-10: Seperate Quests/Mushrooms/Snails

10-30: Golems/Starfish/Jellyfish/Streetlights

30-3x: Mushroom Kingdom(Questline gives 7-8 levels of experience)/Kerning Square/Drakes(Drakes and Kerning Square can go up to 50)/Ellinel Fairy Academy

3x-60: Ludibrium (Teddies, Trojans, Robos, etc.)

40-2xx: Azwan Supply Mode (Solo, also provides good supply of Potions)

50-60: Reina Strait/Chyrse

50-2xx: Party Quests:
Ludibrium PQ for levels 50-70
Romeo and Juliet PQ for levels 70-120
Nett's Pyramid for levels 60-110
Demensional Invasion for levels 140-2xx

50-70: Sand Rats and Scorpions

70-7x: Sakura Shrine+Quests (The Codex Set and Quests in total give about 6-8 levels of experience)/Silent Crusade(Starts at 75-ish and gives about a level and 50%, not bad for a few quests)

70-90: Roids and Neo Huroid

70-140: Monster Park Extreme Your best source of exp!

90-110: Crimsonwood Keep(Specifically the mobs outside of CWKPQ, otherwise Leprechauns)/Ludibrium Clocktower(Ghost Pirates, Phantom Watches, etc.)/Pantheon
("Forbidden Forest: Forest of Coexistence", namely for classes with Rush skills or F/Ps since they can stand in the middle of the three top platforms and use Explosion hitting the top left, right, and bottom platforms all at once, will be available for I/Ls and Bishops after RED)/Kru & Captain

100-125: Lion King's Castle(Start from Crokies and advance to Bearwolves)

100-250: Evolution World(3rd Room is recommended, cores will be needed to increase exp past level 160)

125-140: Leafre(Rextons, Cornians, Skelegons, and Newties)

140-165: Singapore(Truckers and MP3+Ghost Ship are recommended)/Temple of Time(Depending on each class, Rushing or Moving classes, classes able to move with their skills, should train at flatter, longer maps while other classes are recommended for wider, taller maps, using portals to get by), Crimsonwood Alter(Includes Gollux Prequests, Start at 150)

165-200: Strong Hold(Second Dril Hall is recommended)/Hall of Honor(Start at 179 to get full party exp, if you can solo, 170 will be fine)

200-2xx: Twilight Perion(Can be started at 190, training at Stumps, Pigs, and Masks. However, once level 193, if you are able to get leeched or kill yourself, advance to Golems, best at Warrior Grounds, all the way up to 250)/Twisted Aqua Road(Not the best exp, however gives a good amount of nostalgia to older players who trained at Aqua Road)

-BT 00:48 06/22/2013 Monster Park Extreme has been removed.
-BT 09:00 06/22/2013 Azwan Supply Mode has been added.
-BT 13:08 06/23/2013 Recommended training areas, additional mobs, and specific details for PQs have been added.
-BT 16:40 07/13/2013 Extra maps for levels 90-110 have been added.
-BT 11:56 07/29/2013 Specific Locales have been added to some locations.
-BT 23:12 08/13/2013 Additional Areas have been added.
-BT 16:51 08/15/2013 Most advised areas have been bolded Credit: DreanBurster
-BT 14:16 09/08/2013 Crimsonwood Alter and Monster Park Extreme has been added.
-BT 19:23 10/23/2013 Ellinel Fairy Academy and Reina Strait have been added along with an updated version guide.

Please post any other suggestions you would think is good for a training spots. An updated quick version will be added and updated frequently.
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Jun 22 13
Scania Battle Mage 4
Pretty accurate
Jun 22 13
Windia Kaiser 4
Thank you.
Jun 22 13
Nova Dawn Warrior 4
Dimension invasion is fantastic once you can go there
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Jun 22 13
Scania Evan 10th Growth
monster park extreme does not exist right now.
Jun 22 13
Broa Shadower
Take out MPE for now.
Jun 22 13
Windia Battle Mage 4
What exactly did they do to LHC that are making people say its so bad now?
Jun 22 13*
Scania Demon Slayer 4
@TS MPE is gone, NT.
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Jun 22 13
Windia Crusader
how the heck do i get to evo world?
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Jun 22 13
Bera Aran 3
where are sand rats?
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