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Jun 22 13
Broa Bishop

Oh no! not another complain thread!

Yes. I hate to admit it, I don't usualy complain about nexon's side, more about the crybaby players... But this time, it's on them.

Twisted Aqua Road is just poorly planned.

One quest per map, and it's all about big numbers... They didn't plan anything!
You don't swim in that aqua road (yea, you heard me! it's like in a cave, or a field. you jump from floor to floor! NO SWIMMING in aqua road? ARE YOU INSANE?)
You can just access the last boss without doing any quests (which makes it uninteresting).
Rewards are crap.
The programmers don't seem to remember how hard it is for us to follow their ridiculously high numbers.
The programmers just type "300", and it's just a number for them. I bet no tester ever tried to finish all of the quests from that area...
The 4th or 5th quest, sais: "Kill 300, collect 300 of their ETC".
Now that's just nasty, Killing 300 is already kinda difficult. Asking us to also BRING 300 ETC? It's like they don't even know how ETC items are dropped! By a rough estimate, I'd say we'll have to kill about 600 of these monsters to get 300 ETCs.
Spoiler: The whole thing (All of twisted aqua) is Arkairum's fault. Here you go, now you have no reason to do that questline. You don't even get to meet Arkairum! You just finish off some mobs, while the numbers increase after each quest.
Bosses are weak. I usualy don't complain about that... Because it's none of my business. I say: If you aren't satisfied with the content, just don't do it~
But this time its just plain stupid. This time, it breaks the record. I'd say Ellin forest questline is worthwhile because of the Queen of fairies battle, that is fairly difficult for those levels... But for a final boss, that fake Pianus is weak, and he has the same moves... So they mean to tell me, after doing a lot of unreasonable quests, you fight an easy boss and thats it. It doesnt even drop anything good...

Why do they even bother? hands down, That's the lamest content GMS has ever produced.
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Jun 22 13
Bera Beginner
you sound spoiled
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Jun 22 13
Bera Cannoneer 2
Jun 22 13
Scania I/L Arch Mage
Give it time. The may be Nexon but they arent stupid.. They will chang ethe glitches
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Jun 22 13
Broa Bishop
DiceyLove: you sound spoiled

You sound like you didn't read anything, you just tried to be the first one to comment.
MapleStory Screen: A better lotus run (again) MapleStory Video: Holygiraffe, broa's bishop vs chaos queen
Jun 22 13
Broa Evan 10th Growth
this was the worst questline ever
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Jun 22 13
Windia Phantom 4
king2123: Give it time. The may be Nexon but they arent stupid.. They will chang ethe glitches

Glitches? How is this even related? Everything was on purpose.
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Jun 22 13*
Bera Paladin
Justaway Guild
I agree wholehearted with OP on this one.. nexon just took random monsters and "retextured" them and dumped them into a red aqua road without any water in it -_-
Then they hand it to the players and call it "new and exciting content"
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Jun 22 13
Windia Kaiser 3
I only gain about 0.3% per quest too, what a waste of time.
Jun 22 13
Broa Night Walker 4
a bigger fail is the nerfing of lion heart castle and all the best training places
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