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I'm downlowding MS after a 2 yr break and I know here are so many changes (also in the character subject)
And I'd like ou'r help with picking up the best character...

So first things first - I NEED YOU TO UNDERSTAND I DONT NEED POWER. Its the opposie that is right in this case actually. The more powerfull the job is, the more bandwagon it is, and besides, making ou'r class really powerful only depends on you'r fund (wich is 0Meso anyway because Im starting fresh, so what the heck...)

Now heres what I like in a character, that makes me sa it is more fun

  1. Mobility
  2. Many attack skills (well my point is just that I will not have 1 main boring attack that will keep doing on and on to kill mobs - I wana vary my attacks in combat)
  3. Mobbing attacks (I just love to see all thoose bastards die at once)
  4. (THIS ONE IS NOT A BIG DEAL, JUST WOULD BE A NICE BONUS) As I have alread mentioned, Im starting with 0 meso (if thats how MS money is still called) so if that job would be easy to operate when you'r a 0 funded player (at least starting as one)

That's all, I'd be glad for some help!
Sooo hanks in advance and BaBye
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If you took a break from 2 years, in this recent patch, it's like nothing about the exp, training or maps have changed.
Jun 23 2013
If you took a break from 2 years, in this recent patch, it's like nothing about the exp, training or maps have changed.

Well as soon as I get this FRIGGIN LAUNCHING MS PROBLEM - soulved, ill be able to play MS and see how true is it
For now, can you help me with my character issue?

If anyone could help me with this hell problem Id be so thankull:
When I try launching MS, (hrew the website or gamelauncher - a'int metters) I hit the "Play" button and then nothing happens, like I did even do anything...
and I tried re-installing, redownloading after a defrag and a complete deleating, uninstall my AVG and disabling my firewall, and many other things - and nothing helps....
Jun 23 2013
Higguz Level 154 Galicia Battle Mage 4
Try making a Night Lord, they are pretty fun!
Jun 23 2013
@AvinoamXD: Because you said a bad word your possibly going to be banned for a day, so you might as well ask as many question as possible right now.
Prepare to get banned, because i got banned for saying it with a star too.
Jun 23 2013
nijit15 Level 127 Windia F/P Arch Mage
Make a NL or F/P.
Jun 23 2013
eskomobob5 Level 149 Bera Phantom 4
Dark knight or a F/P Mage.
Jun 23 2013
TheTornado Level 211 Bellocan Evan 10th Growth Revenance Guild
F/P Mages are great for mobbing, have a nice set of different useful skills (for DoT stacking) and can do some decent damage with mist eruption.
Jun 23 2013
Mkesl Level 197 Bera Demon Slayer 4
Luminous fit the criteria of good mobbers, many attacks, and good with zero funding. They are a powerful class though so it was bandwagoned for that but it died down since they came out like 5 patches ago.
Jun 23 2013
Sooo thats 3 Arch Mages, 2 NLs (still surprsed they still used thoose shortcuts, and also shocked I can remember them), and 1 Luminos (That I dunno what it is)

I don remember Arch mages being so cool and fun but if you say so....

Anyway more opinions!
Jun 23 2013
meyersultan Level 188 Bellocan Corsair
Jun 23 2013
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