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Inkwell Empress Recipes

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So Inkwell has empress recipes now. Does anyone know what the materials are to craft the weapons? The recipes cost 100 coins, I was wondering if I could craft a 2h sword for less than market price
Posted: June


If you're paying for this through leaves: 10000 leaves, at 10k a leaf: 100,000,000

Market price is a lot more than 100,000,000 but the materials are pretty hard to get
UrHedsOnFireEvanWiggins - Level 146 Scania
Jun 23 2013
Each piece requires 200 dream fragments, among other things.
crutchfield5464214 - Level 30
Jun 23 2013
I was afraid you were going to say 200 dream frags

Thanks for the info
Jun 23 2013

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