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Price Check on Pinnacle Belt

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So I got this Pinnacle Belt from the kaleido spinner.
Anyone have any idea how much it's worth?
I would assume it would be low since its kinna hard to get the full set.
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I hate how people ask for price checks when they don't even give the stats.[/quote]

Don't they all just come out clean?..
Jun 25 2013
AkGold Level 178 Scania Shadower
But what are the stats?
Jun 25 2013
higuy1213 Level 204 Broa Wind Archer 4
I saw boots for 50m, that's probably in the ballpark for a belt
Jun 25 2013
But what are the stats?[/quote]
+6 all stats
no potential
Jun 25 2013
AkGold Level 178 Scania Shadower
garbage. unless you get a good pot on it.
You know, Just like tempest
Jun 25 2013

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