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Heatwave Potential Stamp broken?

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codemaster387 Level 189 Windia Kaiser 4
Making it short and simple, the Heatwave Awakening stamp that adds 1 line of potential to a piece of equipment that only has 2 or less did not work for me. I know there is a 50/50 chance, but when it said it was successful (Chime and everything) it had NOT improved my sword's potential. And it doesnt have bonus potential either.
To clarify, i used the HEATWAVE awakening stamp, not the Superior stamp. That one is for bonus potential only.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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codemaster387 Level 189 Windia Kaiser 4
@iTinyBowman: You misread. It did not ADD A LINE OF POTENTIAL when it said it did succeed. It said it had successfuly added the line of potential, but it did not. I know it doesnt act like a cube.
Jun 26 2013
I would like to know if this is a bug or not as well. :x I don't want to waste 40 coins just for nothing.
Jun 28 2013
FrostLife Level 205 Bera Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art FrostLife is intoFrostLife
don't worry I pasted a goodness 40% chaos on my mystic eye wear and it did nothing lol
Jun 28 2013
codemaster387 Level 189 Windia Kaiser 4
ya you have to go by what it says on the chatbar, not what it says on the UI.

It'll probably have said "failed to expand potential lines" when there is a huge banner on your screen saying "Success! potential has been reset"[/quote]

Both said it was successful for me. It did the chime, bright animation, and both said successful. But nothing improved on my sword.
Jun 28 2013
Mine definitely worked. All I can suggest is submitting a ticket... That's really strange.
Jun 28 2013
don't worry I pasted a goodness 40% chaos on my mystic eye wear and it did nothing lol[/quote]

happened to me with an innocence scroll
Jun 28 2013
All I can say is that mine definitely worked. It added a "Recover 24 MP every 4 seconds." line to my Alien Fragment Necklace.
Jun 29 2013
Aeon128 Level 206 Bellocan Phantom 4
Same for me.....tried 2 before xenon update and all bells and whistles yet no upgrade, Then i tried one AFTER the patch and it cause me to crash and still didn't have the upgrade AND lost the 40 coins AND had to start over my upgrade potion for another hour. BS BS BS
Jul 04 2013
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