The Zero class starts at Lv 100

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So I just read that Zero actually starts at Lv. 100. What's your opinion on this?

DColdheartsLevel 150 Scania Shade 4
Posted: June


So does it start at 4th job or are the jobs at different levels.
Jun 26 2013
@DColdhearts: Great for GMS, less people complaining about "idk wher 2 grind 1-100 plz mpe is go EN jesters suk ! f u nexon! "
Besides, it won't matter. Most people that are gonna play it have horrible control.
SkaiaLevel 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4
Jun 26 2013

Now I can skip the level up crap for a link skill on a class I don't care about at all
OuhaiLevel 200 Broa F/P Arch Mage
Jun 26 2013
I'm crying.
No Mastery Books
No skill books
None of that crap.
odera1177Level 178 Windia MarksmanHerbs Guild
Jun 26 2013
its becauses it harder to level up on zero
suhun5Level 15 Khaini Shade 1
Jun 26 2013

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