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Aimbek Level 204 Windia Shadower
I just got one of these from a "Medal of Honor" drop. What do they do?
Posted: June 2013 Permalink


they reset your inner abilities
Jun 28 2013
alex3650 Level 142 Windia Night Lord
They circulate your ability.
Jun 28 2013
Katana678 Level 212 Scania Blade Master
What is a medal of Honor Drop?
Jun 28 2013
vincevo Level 161 Broa Shadower
You first have to get the disk and slowly slide it in your gaming console. You might have to wait a while for the game to download. When it's finished, your game is done downloading. Simple. Medal of Honor should be the best game of the year.

OT: It's pretty much increases your Honor Exp to increase Honor Levels.
Jun 28 2013
myrdrex Level 71 Scania Cannoneer 3
On the item description, it says "for legendary items or lower" so it confused me[/quote]

Yeah, typo, it's for your inner potentials. It won't make them legendary, just up to unique.
Jun 28 2013
Aimbek Level 204 Windia Shadower
Alright, thanks
Jun 28 2013

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