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Medal of Honor medals?

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They drop allllll the time. I've gotten like 10 in 20 minutes. They never dropped that much? Btw, what is good about leveling honor?
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Impf Level 197 Scania Night Lord
idk if higher honor means better inner abilities, but every level you get 5 circulators
Jun 28 2013
Every 20%, you get 4 circulators.
Jun 28 2013
You can increase your inner ability now like potentials on equips,i got mine to epic after about 30 or 40 circulators. Pretty cool how they changed up the inner abilities,i always thought it took way to long the old way lol. And to the TS,they give pretty good stats if you get lucky/have high enough inner potential now.
Jun 28 2013
narubaka13 Level 208 Scania Dark Knight
You get a certain amount of circulators per level up.
I got my NL's to Epic so far... >.> I get like, 6 circ's every Honor level up and its only lv 16 atm.

I just hate the Legendary part of Inner Abilities. Yet another way for Nexon to screw over people who don't want to pay.
Jun 28 2013
ballsface Level 75 Scania Aran 3
Every 20%, you get 4 circulators.[/quote]

I get 6 circulators every 20% so that is false. I'm guessing it's based on your Honor level.
Jun 28 2013
KamikazeDes Level 220 Windia Corsair See what games, anime & art KamikazeDes is intoKamikazeDes
Once you get to Legendary, you gotta start using CS circulators. It's particularly lame when you had 1 Legendary line transfer over. Now I have 15% boss, and 2 other lines of absolute poop.
Jun 28 2013

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