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XXjumpstar1299X Level 195 Arcania Kinesis 4
Why do they start at lv100?
Why are they only released once, and never again?
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nhan1st Level 167 Nova Marksman
This takes the point out of hot time level restriction. I'll make 10 accounts with Zero/Ether and I don;t have to level them to get hot time rewards.
Jun 30 2013
they prob will be released again, nexon loves the trolling
and they start at level 100 because i think they prob heard enough QQing about monsters being nerfed.[/quote]

don't know why you are using that as an excuse but every version had nerf LHC for months and even years before we lost it.

Also every other version has **never had scarecrows, jesters, skeletons, aliens etc that was the same as ours. NEVER**
Jun 30 2013
nexon needs to chill out with their drugs. >.<

they all smoke a blunt right before a meeting
Jun 30 2013
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