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XXjumpstar1299X Level 146 Arcania Blade Master
Why do they start at lv100?
Why are they only released once, and never again?
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Seodan Level 212 Bera Paladin Justaway Guild
What's a Zero.[/quote]
The amount of fricks given by Nexon
Jun 30 2013
Quasar Level 203 Demethos Hayato 4 Pandas Guild
Jun 30 2013
Reflexes Level 120 Galicia Thunder Breaker 3
I can't wait for ZeXenon Avengevan Aracedes
They get to start at level 200 and they don't need Mastery books. Guess what? ALSO SPAMMABLE!
Jun 30 2013
TheDStar Level 205 Elnido Bishop
They start at lv100 because they start at Leafre...
Jun 30 2013
nhan1st Level 167 Nova Marksman
This takes the point out of hot time level restriction. I'll make 10 accounts with Zero/Ether and I don;t have to level them to get hot time rewards.
Jun 30 2013
Business Level 137 Broa Cannoneer 4
Lol one time avaible and then never again?
sad if people are just on vacation or something then XD
Jun 30 2013
bubblecup118 Level 101 Bera Hayato 4
they prob will be released again, nexon loves the trolling
and they start at level 100 because i think they prob heard enough QQing about monsters being nerfed.[/quote]

don't know why you are using that as an excuse but every version had nerf LHC for months and even years before we lost it.

Also every other version has **never had scarecrows, jesters, skeletons, aliens etc that was the same as ours. NEVER**
Jun 30 2013
nexon needs to chill out with their drugs. >.<

they all smoke a blunt right before a meeting
Jun 30 2013
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