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Jul 06 13
Bera I/L Arch Mage
so i got a beryl roid form the bit box and ive been hearing about an invisble expiration date? is it true? also whats special about them other than appearance?
New MapleStory Screen: Pissed off basil balloon?
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Jul 06 13*
Scania Shadower
Invisible expiration date? That's the weirdest rumor I've ever heard I highly doubt it's true. The heart should be permanent (it was in KMS).
It just follows you around and you can command it to make faces by saying certain things (look up an android guide)
New MapleStory 2 Screen: Another Maplestory 2 monster
Jul 06 13
Bellocan Chief Bandit
1. You are getting trolled
2. It's special cuz it's FREE. Nexon specializes in FREE as you can see. FREE to play all Nexon games! Cuz you can and its Free!
3. You will receive beryl heart in a later hot time to use with this roid and that heart will be permanent as well.
New MapleStory Screen: So i was training my husky at pet park
Jul 06 13
Scania Angelic Buster 3
No androids have expiration dates. Don't trust the pond scum on this website.
The only special thing is its appearance and that the Beryl Heart is permanent.
Jul 06 13
Windia Cannoneer 4
did i just hear nexon and free? april fools was months ago ur a bit late
Jul 06 13
Windia Chief Bandit
you know something is up when Nexon is giving away something for FREE
Jul 06 13
KradiaGMS F/P Arch Mage
Do you seriously believe in an "invisible expiration date"? Do you believe everything your "friends" or other people tell you? You gotta use your logic man.
Jul 06 13
Bera Shadower
Did you guys get a heart too? Because I didn't.

I haven't heard anything about invisible expiration dates, either.
New MapleStory Screen: Zap!
Jul 06 13
Windia Mercedes 4
Yes it's true, you can never see it again when Maplestory shuts down.

I have reliable sources.
Jul 06 13
KradiaGMS Cannoneer 2
Cindre: Did you guys get a heart too? Because I didn't.

I haven't heard anything about invisible expiration dates, either.

you get the heart on july 13 from another hot time
New MapleStory Screen: Cell phone in henesys
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