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Jul 08 13
Windia Kanna 2
Imma buy NX tomorrow, cause, last thread I was pretty mad some CS weapons couldn't cover my Xenon weapons. In the Cash Shop what are the weapons that cover over Whip blades (xenon weapons)? Just so I dont waste my money

Thanks in advance.
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Jul 08 13
Windia Buccaneer
Buy the weapon that say "covers ALL weapons" they should work, I'm using a crystal fantasia wand atm. The ones that say "cover all but this this and this" but don't mention whip blades will not cover whips because nexons too lazy too update the description. A cs weapon that should work is the chocolate dipped stick, I've seen several xenons with it
Jul 08 13
Khaini Jett 4
Lift Guild
There's a filter option that you can use, "equippable," it should make it so that only weapons that can cover whips are displayed.
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