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Xenon Damage Ranges

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Jul 08 13
Broa Night Lord
Can people please comment their level and range? pics if possible aswell,
I feel like my range is decent but im still low leveled.
121 with 49,145 - 54,606 clean range no buffs.

Buffed not max: and like 86,710 - 96,345
(buffed, seen 99,4xx max so far on range or maple warrior)
MapleStory Screen: 175 NightLord Range - 125,830-148,036
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Jul 08 13
Windia Phantom 4

there's a thread on this already. However, if you want my opinion on you range, it's very high for your level or at least above average
Jul 08 13
KradiaEMS Shadower
Not super high, but still a little above average
Jul 08 13
Scania Shade 4
MapleStory Screen: Drizzmal the angelic buster
Jul 08 13*
Windia Noblesse
Clean (Showing MW 10 & crappy whip blade):
Fully Buffed (With TaC (~+30k)):

Your range is far above average, so don't worry about it.
Jul 08 13
Scania Fighter
there is my level and range
Jul 09 13
Bera Paladin
I'm at 158k self buffed without ooparts atm (lv151), almost none of my stuff is cubed at the moment either.
MapleStory Screen: 127 bucc range - 11287-16124
Jul 09 13*
Scania Wind Archer 4
lvl 153 clean range
and one when I was lvl 125
Jul 09 13
Scania Evan 10th Growth
OMG why are you guys so strong Teach me ! Should i put mainly in luk or str or dex or just put them equally ?
let's say if i have 50% luk items do i just raise str and dex until i get 330 and put the rest in luk or just keep raising them equally and use %all stat/%luk which is better tell me !
Jul 09 13
Scania Dark Knight
Dear god. All these funded people.
I feel weak now.
MapleStory Screen: Merry Christmas!
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