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Xenon Damage Ranges

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Can people please comment their level and range? pics if possible aswell,
I feel like my range is decent but im still low leveled.
121 with 49,145 - 54,606 clean range no buffs.

Buffed not max: and like 86,710 - 96,345
(buffed, seen 99,4xx max so far on range or maple warrior)
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UltraLudde Level 167 KradiaEMS Shadower
Not super high, but still a little above average
Jul 08 2013
SorLilly Level 182 Scania Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art SorLilly is intoSorLilly
OMG why are you guys so strong Teach me ! Should i put mainly in luk or str or dex or just put them equally ?
let's say if i have 50% luk items do i just raise str and dex until i get 330 and put the rest in luk or just keep raising them equally and use %all stat/%luk which is better tell me !
Jul 09 2013
PitchBlack0 Level 199 Bera Paladin
Update: 155k or so range clean now, I still have no pendant and I'm using the starter overall...
@narubaka13 don't chances are those funded people (myself included) spend farrrr too much time in this game.
Jul 09 2013
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