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Perfecting Weapons/Items during Unleashed Event?

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bonz Level 161 Scania Corsair
What is the best way to go about perfecting your weapons/items during this Unleashed Event? Also, what's a fast way to farm Unleashed Coins (if possible)?

I appreciate any information you can give me!
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You can only get 19 coins a day. Attendace gives you 5, you can do the tea bag quest 10 times for 10 coins, you can do the popsicle quest 4 times for 4 coins. On hot days you get 5 extra coins but thats it. The only real way to farm is to do it on different characters.
Jul 11 2013
A fast way to farm coins would be doing attendance on multiple chars. Every 10 days you can buy "x" amount of scrolls. (x being how many characters you have)
After doing attendance (it should only take you 3-5 minutes per char), go on whatever character is your main and do Chai quest and 30 minute double popsicle quest. It sucks that the only way you can get coins is through popsicle, attendance, and Chai.

And as Rtyu said, you can level multiple Xenons. Although you don't have to all the way to 70. When you're high level enough to do Kerning Square, just go to the yeti or pepe toys and kill those for Chai. It's really fast if you have a pet to pick up.
Jul 11 2013
sher1412 Level 128 Windia Marksman
You need 50% unleashed scrolls and 20% 8th anni clean slate scrolls.
You still have til 2 september to get the unleashed scrolls and til 23 july to get the clean slates, so that's where the focus lies.
To farm clean slates (you will need alot, trust me) the best way is to create a new xenon, skip tutorial, farm 50 8th anni boxes and send the leaves to a character that can still buy clean slates in the 8th anni store (you can only buy 5 per char).

^^^^^^This guy has some good tips on the 50% scrolls part.
Jul 11 2013
bonz Level 161 Scania Corsair
Do the 50% unleashed scrolls blow up on failure?
Jul 11 2013

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