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What Joetangs updated Dps chart will look like Post-red
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Jul 17 13
Bera Dark Knight
Wanted to make this so people can stop throwing the Insoya one around.
Assumes fast (2), 0% Defense, Adjusted Mastery, all at 0% boss damage (I could do the 100% and 200% categories if enough people want it) and such. All credit goes to Joetang for these numbers (I just complied them into an ordered list, the numbers all come from him though) NO OUTSIDE BONUSES On the normal chart, so no "no cooldown Final Cut" or "No cooldown Sacrifice"

There IS however a special section for no cooldown final cut and no cooldown gungnir at the bottom!

Just to clarify so people stop getting confused and ask how some classes are as high as they are: these charts depict unrealistic situations where a boss doesn't move, attack, etc; and all you do is attack and buff as needed over the course of 1 minute, this chart also does not factor weapon multipliers or pure attack; the ONLY time these charts are remotely realistic, is when you have a boss CONSTANTLY bound for an entire battle, these charts are made to give a basic idea of where classes lay strength wise, not be some end all be all bible on this game =P

NEW LINK TO CHART: http://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuMg1FtnJX5edEZUWWNQN3BveV9leHMtWVF6cjdpSUE&usp=sharing

Please post your thoughts on the chart in the comments section below!

* Footnote: due to the way the random number generator works, Battleship Bomber is still overall the better skill to use since most of the time it winds up stronger than headshot.

*Footnote Number 2: Paladin, I/L Archmage and F/P Archmage all has elemental reset, so they are unaffected by physical resist in any way.

*Footnote Number 3: Zero's chart assumes CONSTANT tag-ins to achieve maximum damage output, doesn't use advanced throwing weapon as its actually detrimental to DPM

Warriors - http://www.southperry.net/showthread.php?t=47548

Archers - http://www.southperry.net/showthread.php?t=50733

Mages - http://www.southperry.net/showthread.php?t=49311

Thieves - http://www.southperry.net/showthread.php?t=50829

Pirates - http://www.southperry.net/showthread.php?t=50830

you can find the information of whats being factored on classes at the bottom of each list

Best edit ever: converted the entire chart over to google documents! NOW I can edit it freely and easily!
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Jul 21 13
Bera Bow Master
lazershock: This is 1v1 damage.

Why is Arrow blaster used in place of hurricane then?
Jul 21 13
Mardia Paladin
Phantoms over F/P? Lies
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Jul 21 13*
Bera Dark Knight
bluebomber24: I don't like how you bold "no outside bonuses" If you are assuming Fast (2) then outside bonuses are being used by some classes period. There is no if and or buts about it. Just saying.

I only assume fast 2 because you NEED a constant for these things (its what JT assumes anyway, and since this is his data I just used the same constants) I could use fast 4, fast 3, whatever I chose really if I really wanted something that everyone could legitimately obtain.

If you check the links, class bonuses and such are all factored; Gungnir DOES have a cooldown of 8 seconds, but it can be removed by using sacrifice (duration, 40 seconds)

As a bowmaster, you can place a turret AND hold a second arrow blaster in your hand, with a turret down its actually STRONGER than fire-cane (due to the arrows firing at 90 MS), while still hitting only 1 mob; this is ment to simply show the HIGHEST possible damage you can achieve as a bowmaster.
Jul 21 13
Bera Phantom 4

Hey! This sounds great to us Phantoms. Do u know if JoeTang calculated arrow platter + milles? Or just arrow platter as a main attack?
Jul 21 13
Khaini Blade Master
wow db is 28 #dbOP
Jul 21 13*
Bera Dark Knight
VictorXG: lazershock

Hey! This sounds great to us Phantoms. Do u know if JoeTang calculated arrow platter + milles? Or just arrow platter as a main attack?

I believe he calculated the most beneficial combo as Arrow Blaster (personally i've never liked calling it platter so I go with the blaster translation!) and crossover chain
at 17k%/ second, you would actually be surprised how low the other option is

Millie + Twilight + Crossover Chain + Final Cut : 11682%/s

Arrow Blaster + Crossover Chain: 17201%/s
For comparison my friend.

Also before anyone asks, there is NO POINT to attempting to steal void elements from a paladin; it doesn't apply to anything besides blast + elemental charges (I can provide proof if you would like)
Jul 21 13
Windia Cannoneer 3
lazershock: No you don't NEED a constant, that makes no sense. If you are doing everything based off of what is innately given to a class then that is the constant; being consistent in representing what the class can achieve on its own. I know its JT, version, all I am is making an observation, you can't boldly say there are no outside bonsuses wheter you claim its for constant reasons or not.
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Jul 21 13*
Bera Dark Knight
bluebomber24: I guess, would you prefer me to do a version with everyone at the highest normally obtainable attack speed?

Also, I should clarify I don't exactly like the way JT does it either, putting everything at fast 2; I assume he only does it for consistency so we don't have attack speeds all over the place (and I am STILL unable to determine exactly how magic is affected by its own unique system, since weapon speed itself has no effect on it)
Jul 21 13*
Windia Cannoneer 3
lazershock: No, you don't have to I already have my own that I use which I already showed. I am just saying the chart does show at least 1 outside bonus.

Edit: If you do do it, I would ahve two charts and would do it for informational purposes and not as a JT replica.
New MapleStory Screen: Fafnir Wind Chaser - ATK 311 New MapleStory Video: Bowmaster golluxing
Jul 21 13
ElNido Angelic Buster 1
lazershock: I don't see it happening; I think all the damage hoes will bandwagon paladins since in practicality, they're better (on a boss with physical resist dark knight becomes 11k% / second whereas Paladin stays at 13.5k% / second)

Also Zero.... just Zero!

Actually, I might bandwagon Dark Knights. Right now, I hate Raging Blow's animation on my Hero. if I am not satisfied with the new animation, I will switch to Dark Knight. Not for damage reasons (fine if you don't believe me) I just really love the revamp!
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