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Best Medal/Badges to get?

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bonz Level 161 Scania Corsair
So I'm about to restart playing some of my older characters (that only have the normal badges: veteran, master adventurer, etc). I don't want to get the Tot's Badge because I don't want to have to change the hair (some of them have dreamcatcher hair that took me forever to get with reg coupons), so what are the best medals to get aside from Tot's for a level 100+?

I appreciate any help/advice!
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HawtPawket Level 202 Broa Paladin
If you just let the coupon expire, you can proceed to finishing the quest.
Jul 19 2013
bonz Level 161 Scania Corsair
You're talking about Medals.. If you're talking about Badges it's the Ghost Ship Exorcist because you can pot it.[/quote]

Do you know if you can acquire another one if the pot fails? I just got that on my Sair today!
Jul 19 2013
Aeronomx Level 174 Scania Corsair
Best obtainable medal right now is the evolving system one. 5/5 attack.mattack 6 all stats.
As for badge the exorcist one.
Jul 19 2013
pagdilao Level 211 Nova Shadower
@bonz: Nope. Best thing to do is wait for Uni. Pot because it won't go boom.
Jul 19 2013

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