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Is there something wrong with the 50% unleashed scrolls?

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ghettobuddha96 Level 60 Windia Marauder
I've successfully passed 10 of the 20% clean slate scrolls in a row on my elemental staff 5 however all 10 of the 50% scrolls from the unleash store isn't passing at all.
Does anyone know if there is a glitch of some sort?
Posted: July 2013 Permalink


Ipoopster Level 10 Kradia
failed 34 clean slates in a row.
Jul 22 2013
MapleFlow Level 200 Chaos Phantom 4
Nothing is wrong with them, I passed 4/5/. lol You're just unlucky.
Jul 22 2013
Cholange Level 181 Khaini Bishop
I feel ya bro. I've failed at least 10 of them on my hearts T_T
Jul 22 2013
Anthoy84 Level 196 Broa Zero Transcendent
Why didn't you Innocence it instead of wasting all those Clean Slates?
Jul 22 2013
i swear...unleashed scrolls either work extremely well or it can f you up, never in between.
Jul 22 2013
MyKarma Level 99 Broa Mercedes 3
Out of 5, I've only gotten 1 to work.

If they screw you over, they screw you over good.
Jul 22 2013
damonaire Level 154 Demethos Hero
I did 0/8 today but idgaf
Jul 22 2013
Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
Failed 8 of them in the row.
Was so pissed.
Jul 22 2013

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