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Hardest Boss To Date

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Getting a date with Hilla would be quite difficult.
Jul 23 2013
Regatzopunk Level 205 Broa Phantom 4
I don't know if "hardest boss to this day"
or "boss it's hardest to go out with"
or the less probable "boss with the biggest hard-on to this day"
Jul 23 2013
HipPop Level 201 Scania Jett 4
The title is misleading, I thought it was the hardest boss to this date.

Hard Magnus, or probably Zakum, cause he's a big rock.
Jul 23 2013
williamme Level 205 Windia Mercedes 4
If you were to fight me, I would destroy you with a single attack. I would place me in rank one.
Jul 23 2013
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