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Demon Avenger or Demon Slayer? Who is better?
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Jul 24 13
Renegades Demon Slayer 4
Like the title asks, i wish to know which of the two jobs is better. I don't want just "lol demon avenger is better". Some details and thorough answer would be greatly appreciated. Pros and Cons are encouraged. Thank you.
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Jul 24 13
Khaini White Knight
Demon Slayers for lower damage and more fun.
Demon Avengers for higher damage and more repetition.
Jul 24 13
Bera Phantom 4
DS is better in my opinion, why? because it uses %str meaning the equips are easier to find in fm atm, demon cry is the best freaking skill ever due to it making training a breeze level 100+, this class got the best hypers in my opinion... something better than shadow partner + big DF increase + ignore dr for a bit + Cerberus. This is a good class all around, no mp use and decent damage.

DA on the other hand... the only skill with a big range is the hyper and you gain that at 170 and it has a cooldown. I dunno about you but demon cry sounds a lot nicer than spamming DA's version of boomerang step. The one thing I find to be good on DA is the fact it uses HP... don't get me wrong this can be a bad thing as well but the HP system is something new but I dislike the whole exceed + bonuses for spamming skills.

DA has better damage than DS by default but DS seems like a better class all around, if you just care about damage and seeing big numbers you might like DA.
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Jul 24 13
Bera Corsair
Demon Slayers is better by opinion. Better FMA attacks and more fun to use. DAs best move is a swarm of bats, or 2 slashes in the air -.-
Jul 24 13
Bellocan Demon Slayer 4
Demon Slayers can pack damage also... It just depends on your play style and if you would prefer using %hp or %str.
Jul 24 13
Windia Kanna 4
Another one of these stupid threads.
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Jul 24 13
Zenith Dark Knight
KilIerCombo: something better than shadow partner + big DF increase + ignore dr for a bit + Cerberus.

LOL what? blue blood is NOT EVEN CLOSE to shadow partner

shadow partner is an overall 70% dmg increase, while blue blood is 90% for 1 minute, then 1 minute cd.. since you have it only 50% of the time 90*50% = 45

blue blood is only a 45% overall dmg increase
Jul 24 13
Scania Dark Knight
Demon Slayer because i havent tried Demon Avenger out for myself yet so i cant judge, so ummm yea....
Jul 24 13
Windia Hero
No idea, bro. Haven't tried out DA yet but looking forward to once the maintenance is complete. Tried DS up to almost 140, got SUPER bored of it..and I adorn Warrior classes oh so much, so that's saying a lot for me, lol. Funny cause Kaiser was also a disappointment for me & also looked forward to him, but eh. Hero ftw LOL
Jul 24 13
Bera Phantom 4
SombraManx: when its actually on, its better than shadow partner because it is not reduced damage like SP. That is what i was referring to, not the amount of time it is on.
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