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after Red who is stronger the evan or arch mage i/l

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cuz im making a evan out of boredom and im like this mofo is beats but i know red is coming so before i put monies into this lizard i wanna know if he will be stronger then my arch mage
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IsGamer Level 201 Renegades Bishop
One compares better when you can have things in front of yourself, but since RED hasn't even been planned to come, then we can say Evan is stronger right now, post-RED, it might still be the same (again, IT MIGHT).
Jul 27 2013
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PandaSheepBoy Level 203 Bera Mercedes 4
I think Evan will still be more powerful (not because I'm an Evan) because isn't the red update just adding new skills and just decreasing the damage rate?
Jul 27 2013
Deadly1337 Level 200 Bera Bishop
I honestly think that after Red is over, there's a good chance Evans will get a revamp. It's been so long that they've tinkered with us. Though that is just a personal assumption. It's bound to happen at one point.[/quote]

havn't they been revamped more then any other class in the game? fairly certain evans get updated EVERY time another class does.
including the red update.

the answer here is

pre-red -Evan
post-red - I/l
Jul 27 2013
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Skyenets Level 205 Scania Evan 10th Growth Reconcile Guild Skyenets

Well, revamp =/= update. We got some minor buffs like % damage in our skills, but hardly anything worth mentioning. The only big update we have had in ages is the improvement of our Hyper. It's just that we haven't really had a big update in a long time that makes me think that we might be up for a change sooner or later.

But really, it's just a hunch.
Jul 27 2013
zilliro Level 205 Bera I/L Arch Mage
@skyenets maple hunger games... evans are of the first 3 to die while I/Ls are among the surviving 3. no amount of buffs/nerfs will take that away from us!
Jul 27 2013
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