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Pb and Fc skill books?

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I know when these abilities first came out the only way to get them was from a boss drop (Zakum, if i remember correctly), but it's been a while since I last played.
I hopped on my DB hoping they would have made them baseline now, but I still don't have them.
Are the books still only a boss drop, or are they easier to get now?
Posted: July


Boss drops
RageinBlade3RageinBlade3 - Level 184 Scania
Jul 28 2013
They are still boss drops, but with hilla added, it shouldn't be that hard to hunt for, since you get 2 entries a day with out having to do a JQ.
Jul 28 2013
What level do I have to be to do the bosses?

And they're not tradable, right?
Jul 28 2013
They need to be SoK'd to trade once, and hilla is 120+ but she has a high defense and pretty much cuts your damage in half. As a 140 Xenon with level 10 snipe, ~55% boss and a 76kish range I hit like 150-110kish a line where as I can hit like 300kish on other bosses
Jul 28 2013
Jul 28 2013
Root Abyss is a good place to hunt books in addition to Hilla if you have a strong friend or two. There are 4 seperate bosses that you can fight once a day, and they all drop skill books.
xlxlxlxlJokerSleight - Level 201
Jul 28 2013

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