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Jul 30 13
Scania Night Lord
Hi, I just came back to Maple after a 3-4month long break.
I went through the FM and the place is booming with lv150 RA Equips.
How are people getting them now? I remember they were impossible or at least claimed to be impossible b/c you would risk getting banned..
Is there an event or Marvel Box thing going on?
Jul 30 13
Bera Paladin
They were from marvel a while ago, but I've been hearing that scania's having a giant dupe fest going on right now
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Jul 30 13
Bera Beginner
No marvel is done, will return in less then 3 months im sure though.
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Jul 30 13
Broa Night Lord
Marvel Machine or through Magnus.
Jul 30 13
Scania Night Lord
I think chaos root abyss bosses drop them. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Jul 30 13
Scania Night Lord
however it seems to be near impossible to do

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