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Aug 05 13
Scania Shadower
I've being playing with magnus bossing ever since the beginning of the year. With 200k attack fully buffed, I could only take down Magnus about 10-15% hp every time before I ran out of life, I know 36% boss and 64 pdr seems very less at this point. What's the average attack range needed for magnus if no boss% or pdr are involved? I know 200k attack range is pathetic.
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Aug 05 13
Bera Dark Knight
Im going to ASSUME you were fighting normal Magnus, the big issue with him is we still have the version of him where some of his attacks come out WAY too fast (specifically the green clone) so you spend more time dead or running for your life than you do hitting him. My suggestion is to get as much defense ignore as possible (since for one, with 64% defense ignore, magnus still reduces your damage down to 12.6%) defense ignore was changed to be multiplicative incase you weren't aware. Range wise 200k should be fine provided you can stay alive long enough to wound him, and have around 90% defense ignore (multiplicatively)
Aug 05 13
Khaini Xenon 4
im afraid you're gonna need ALOT more, if no %boss/%pdr is involved especially.. pre unleashed, my 300k range buffed kaiser with 134% boss and over 100% pdr BARELY duo'ed with a lumi(for bind), with 1death count left and a few mins remaining... The trick to magnus is not only about your damage output but your survivability, you NEED to not die a lot. Especially if you get him down to 25% hp, his blue zone becomes very small and its hard to damage him so you do need DPS as well. Even my almost 1m range clean xenon has trouble with magnus if he starts pulling troll moves on me .. so TLDR, if you want to actually solo magnus, might need 400-500k+ range with that much %boss/pdr
Aug 05 13
Khaini Wind Archer 4
I'm actually surprised you got him that low with such a low boss%... good job
Aug 06 13
Scania Shadower
Thanks for the input, I guess I still need alot more work on it. The only thing that gets me was the golden attack, otherwise I'd b fine with it.
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Aug 06 13
Yellonde Shadower
You get him down to 10%~15% hp on a shadower?

I have more range and boss/ignoredef and I can't get past like 80% without giving up.

Maybe it's because I still don't use resistance potions though.
Aug 06 13
Scania Xenon 4
staytru no, he means he takes 10%-15% of his hp. Meaning Magnus is left with 85-90% hp.
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Aug 06 13
Scania Shadower
Well I just Bstep him within the blue area and DS+nate whenever the orb is charged, every bstep does about 5-10 mil damage but I know it would need about at least 5 times that damage to make the run.
New MapleStory Screen: Has any one reach 999 kills on pvp yet?
Aug 06 13*
Khaini Shadower
I actually solo'd Magnus on my Shad today, and I have 840k range, 176% boss, 120% ignore def. It took me multiple tries too. He is sooooo annoying, sooo sooo annoying...

My recommendation is dont even worry about ds, just throw out normal assassinates. DS+Assassinate cancels out your haste speed, so you have less speed to get out of the way of his bull attacks. Here's some tips:

* You want to stay just barely out of range of his closest green summon attack, that way you can simply walk away as he starts up the attack. It's also the maximum range of his spinning attack, the one that stuns you for like 1.5 seconds and knocks you into nearby hazards.
* Don't jump as he dashes towards you, instead walk against his direction. You'll walk your way through the knockback, which is FANTASTIC when he's below the 20% hp mark and the falling 1hKO meteors are falling like rain all over the place.
* If you hug the far left corner, the green stunning mist doesn't reach you. Most meteors won't reach you either, nor will most of the green summon attacks Magnus uses. However, being pinned there is a TERRIBLE! position, and will probably get you killed if you stay there too long. The best place to fight him at is near the center of the stage.
* When he does his purple blast AoE attack, standing directly under him and using Shadow Veil is a great way to rack up damage, as well as orbs and coin flips.
* Don't even bother thinking about using Meso Explosion.
* YOU NEED SOOOO MUCH PATIENCE! If you have 5 deaths by the 75% hp mark, start over. If you have 10 deaths by the 50% hp mark, start over. If you have 15 deaths by the 25% hp mark, once again, start over. His difficulty once he's 20% hp or lower is absolutely insane. You WILL die a lot. And ALWAYS choose survivability over damage, even when he's on the verge of death!
* Don't worry if Carnival Edge doesn't do much damage. Boomerang Step is too slow for you to properly avoid obstacles while on the run, so don't be afraid of dropping a Carnival Edge or two while jumping away.
* Use Flash Jump conservatively. If Magnus knocks you back and you FJ, the risks of being smashed against a 1hKO meteor or falling into an activating green stunning mist will definitely be real.
Aug 06 13
Nova Mechanic 4
You should just cube your weapon/subweapon for %boss and and get a leafre for pdr (among other things like nebs)
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