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Root Abyss?

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MostUnique Level 36 Broa Spearman
I haven't heard of this boss til like a week ago. I know it's hard, but how hard?
  1. If I solo (which I won't) What should I bring? How long would it take? I am lvl 125, and have 16k-21k att range.-kaiser
  2. If I bring a lvl 130 Lumi and a LVL 158 Hayato (godly) how long would it take?
Thanks guys! And if you want to tag along, leave when you are on in basil time and your characters name! Mine is DawnsLament
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d34thr4y99 Level 211 Broa Phantom 4
I can solo all the bosses except for von bon with a 100k range[/quote]
the thing is, it's not about whether u can or not, those guys won't be able to bcus they have no boss%, i have 57%, plus my range reaches 130k, they are nowhere near there
you probably have boss % as well, he's probably gonna make a party with a total of a good range, so do u really think they can finish it with ppl who just make the cut in not missing+ a total of 100k range?, his party is gonna need sumthing more like 150-200k range total of the party
Aug 05 2013
Define att range?> As in the thing that shows i your stats? Or your damage
If its the thing in your stats, HOW could one reach this att range? I would like to know because there aren't many with it and I think I could possibly try for that.....[/quote]

It is the one in your stats and you increase that by leveling and what not. But clearly you want to know how to get it up a lot higher. You could use %str, %dmg, %atk, or just get a lot of atk off equips. Also, if you get the time you should make a kanna, DA, and xenon for their link skills.
Aug 05 2013
Depend on how godly the Hayato is. I think the Lumi won't do much damage. If Hayato can hit like 10mil per line~ so few seconds. Except for Vellum
Aug 05 2013
imshocute Level 40 Scania Blade Acolyte
there are 4 bosses.

i doubt you can solo with your range.
Aug 05 2013
GoXDS Level 201 Scania I/L Arch Mage
@Creamofseman that's way overkill for Normal... even more so if you just want to complete and not with a good time
Aug 05 2013
BlackWingBlade Level 167 Bera Blade Recruit
With that range you cannot solo.
Aug 05 2013
GoXDS Level 201 Scania I/L Arch Mage
@Creamofseman: well then. Chaos. gl soloing, people =D
Aug 05 2013
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
@MostUnique Well given your shock at the 100k range being possible (the max attack range is 2mil btw), I'm going to assume the "godly" hayato doesn't pass 100k range. If that is the case then your trio can handle all but von bon.

Like the others have said the normal mode bosses aren't that hard, but von bon is currently broken and constantly summons a shadow version of himself. While the shadow is out you can't attack the real von bon, but the shadow von bon has more hp than it normally should. Once the timer for the shadow runs out, everyone dies instantly, and if you die 5 times you have to retry. So that means in the time he's not summoning his shadow, aka you can actually hit him, you have to either bind him, or kill him extremely fast. The other 3 are a cake walk though once you learn the strategies for them.
Aug 05 2013
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