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Scania equitable powerball casino

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KevinGoesMoo Level 107 Scania Hermit
[i]"most equitable powerball casino, try your luck on ch 14 fm13"[/i]

What is up with this smega? What the hell is a equitable powerball casino? What's even in ch 14 fm 13?

I always see this smega'd at least 10+ times daily now in Scania....
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Funny enough, I've seen it in Bera too. Might be happening on every world for all I know.
Aug 06 2013
KevinGoesMoo Level 107 Scania Hermit
Funny enough, I've seen it in Bera too. Might be happening on every world for all I know.[/quote]

Wow, that's scary
Aug 06 2013
Anthoy84 Level 196 Broa Zero Transcendent
Go to channel 14, FM 13 and tell me what's there.
Aug 06 2013
necron1636 Level 204 Bera F/P Arch Mage
Im just gonna leave this comment here so I can come back later and figure out what the hell it is.
A friend from my alliance said it was a scam but that was all he said. xD
Aug 06 2013
CarlosNLN Level 202 Windia Demon Slayer 4
Do et and see
Aug 06 2013
canine Level 202 Bera Battle Mage 4
Its just a spam bot at fm. 1 of them has a shop permit open and the other bot spams next to him. The 1 with permit has junk pots like red pot blue pot egg orange ect. I wouldn't buy any of them since I can't even get him to trade me. Not saying it's a scam but we can't use it. It's like trading nx with affix when hes afk 99% of the time.
Aug 06 2013
lol i saw it too, went there and guy had a shop with random items for like 100m ea lol fail scam
Aug 06 2013
No it's not a scam. I went there with my friends and so basically the bot tells you the # of each pot. So red potion is #1 blue potion is #2 orange potion is #3 and so on. You buy the item according to the # that you think is going to win. When the cannoneer rolls the dice and it rolls on your #, you win 5x the payout so you would win 25m. I don't suggest playing this though because like 20 people yesterday including me played it and we lost ALOT of money. I lost 250m LOL
Aug 09 2013
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