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Scania equitable powerball casino

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Aug 06 13
Scania Hero
"most equitable powerball casino, try your luck on ch 14 fm13"

What is up with this smega? What the hell is a equitable powerball casino? What's even in ch 14 fm 13?

I always see this smega'd at least 10+ times daily now in Scania....
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Aug 06 13
Funny enough, I've seen it in Bera too. Might be happening on every world for all I know.
Aug 06 13
Scania Hero
Godbobman: Funny enough, I've seen it in Bera too. Might be happening on every world for all I know.

Wow, that's scary
Aug 06 13
Broa Angelic Buster 4
Go to channel 14, FM 13 and tell me what's there.
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Aug 06 13
Bera F/P Arch Mage
Im just gonna leave this comment here so I can come back later and figure out what the hell it is.
A friend from my alliance said it was a scam but that was all he said. xD
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Aug 06 13
Windia Demon Slayer 4
Do et and see
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Aug 06 13
Bera Battle Mage 4
Its just a spam bot at fm. 1 of them has a shop permit open and the other bot spams next to him. The 1 with permit has junk pots like red pot blue pot egg orange ect. I wouldn't buy any of them since I can't even get him to trade me. Not saying it's a scam but we can't use it. It's like trading nx with affix when hes afk 99% of the time.
Aug 06 13
Scania Shadower
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Aug 06 13*
Windia Phantom 4
Boundless Guild
Looks like someone is trying to play big boy games in ch 14 fm13.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if people are going to play some sort of game like... "Gamble on which number it lands on."
Jetts, corsairs and other pirates have the "roll of the dice" skill.

I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to gamble with that by guessing the number.
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Aug 06 13
Scania Hermit
lol i saw it too, went there and guy had a shop with random items for like 100m ea lol fail scam
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