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Aug 16 13
i cant open the tinkerer chest without the npc. anyone know where she is at?
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Aug 16 13
Scania Demon Avenger 4
she dead
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Aug 16 13*
legit answers please.
Aug 16 13*
Broa Shadower
I saw her in pantheon for sure. In fact, I can see her there right now.
Aug 23 13
Windia Blade Master
deathprinny: I saw her in pantheon for sure. In fact, I can see her there right now.

You lie
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Aug 23 13
Scania Angelic Buster 4
She used to be at the bottom left in Edelstein, I don't know if she's been removed.
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Aug 23 13
Scania Aran 4
I think she pulled a maple saga.
Aug 23 13
Bera Dark Knight
They took her out for now and Aurtax posted on the forums a while ago (it was either him or waltzing, pretty sure it was Aurtax though) that they were waiting until they could bring her back without causing any problems, so i'd expect her to be back in the game next patch.
Aug 23 13
Galicia Kaiser 4
Yulia should be found in most major towns.
Also, from the bug report:
"The NPC 'Yulia' is missing from all major towns during the duration of the Marvel Machine promotion. (UPDATED: Yulia will be available after the 09/05 patch, and her quest will be available from 09/05 - 09/18)"
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